The Menu Advantage® plan works!

Typically, our clients add between $.25 and $1.50 extra profit for every meal sold.!

See some client testimonials below.

"If you haven't used Bill Paul to help you with your menu strategy, you are leaving a pile of money on the table!  Bill Paul works with the facts and will challenge you on your sacred cows, he will unquestionably make you money and teach you a disciplined approach to menu management.  Bill is a critical member of our team, a partner for over 7 years."

Steve Silverstein, CEO
Not Your Average Joe's, Middleborough, MA

"Using The Menu Advantage® is an amazing thing. We have redesigned 10 menus and our check averages have gone up anywhere from $.25 to $2.00 per person!  Our food tends to be on the creative side, which can be intimidating to guests, but Bill Paul helps us make the menu approachable for them." 

Matt Prentice, President & CEO
Unique Restaurant Corporation, Detroit

"There is a big strategic difference between menu design and menu engineering.  The artistic element of your menu is not nearly as important as to how well engineered it is.  I have used Bill on many occasions, and he always delivers.  His analysis and feedback may not what you want to hear or are used to hearing, but he will let you know what you need to know to improve your top line sales and your bottom line profits.  If you let go of every preconcieved notion you have about what makes a menu tick, you will be pleasantly surprised with the results."

Houston Striggow, Partner/CFO
SusieCakes Management Inc, Los Angeles CA

"We have an increase at the bottom line of about $10,000 a month . Sales of high-profit items and daily specials have improved remarkably. The computerized analysis by The Menu Advantage® has proven to be the impetus that has driven us toward our goal of increased profit. Follow-through and implementation of the recommendations have been the key to success." 

Pacific Dining Car, Los Angeles

"Great job! The new menu is meeting and exceeding both our expectations and your predictions . As they say, "there is no substitute for a fresh pair of eyes."

Marie Callender's, Aliso Viejo, California

"The Menu Advantage’s® precise analysis is very effective and really goes far beyond just menu planning . Results were achieved in influencing customer selection of entrees, thus increasing their overall satisfaction and our bottom line simultaneously." 

Michael T. LaRosa, President
LaRosa’s, Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio

"Over the years, Bill Paul has helped our hospitality organizations with five projects…including Casual Dining, Quick Service and Family Steak/Buffet concepts. He does high quality work and presents his findings in a clear, distinct and understandable format. His recommendations proved most beneficial out of all of our outside consultants. I recommend The Menu Advantage® for your next menu project." 

Jim Verney, Partner
Kickin' Chicken, Charleston, South Carolina

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