What is The Menu Advantage®?

It’s a unique menu engineering and marketing service which helps your menu influence what the guest buys, increases profit, is measurable and has been used by many of the most successful restaurant companies in the country.

Aren’t there many companies who offer this service?

No. In fact, we’re the only company of our type in the country! Because of our proprietary Five Point Plan and the way we work with our clients to maximize results, there is nothing comparable in the menu industry.

How much will my profits increase?

Typically, our clients add between $.25 and $1.50 in extra profits to every meal they sell! Of course, many restaurants do much better than that.

To estimate how much more profit your company could make, just use the Potential Profit Calculator

How does the program work?

We use our proven Classic Five-Point Plan to:
1. Compile a profile of your restaurant’s specific strengths and weaknesses.
2. Perform a unique profit analysis of your menu.
3. Make detailed recommendations on the marketing and merchandising
of each item on the menu.
4. Recommend the most effective menu layout and design.
5. Help you implement a plan of action and measure the results.


When can I expect to see results?


Who has used The Menu Advantage®?

Some of the most successful national, regional and independent restaurants in the business! From fine dining to casual and quick service restaurants, all types of restaurants have improved their profitability by using The Menu Advantage®. Just see our Client List!

How much does the service cost?

The fee varies with each restaurant, but based on what our single restaurant clients tell us, their “return on investment” is at least $5 – $10 in additional profits for every dollar invested in The Menu Advantage®. Of course, many do better.

Why should I buy it?

Because it works! Just see our Testimonial Page

How do I get started?

Simple, just fill out our evaluation form Here